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2022 Beer Coalition Membership Details
The 2022 membership package includes your club gift card, which entitles you to a 5% discount on beer and food at the brewpub.

Your membership packages also includes your swag(depending on chosen level).

The 2022 membership packages will be available for pickup starting approximately Jan 22th 2022

At the time of purchase, we could provide a BBC Beer club membership certificate which can be used for Christmas Gifts!

2021 Members can roll balances over to a 2022 membership package!


Coalition membership sign ups are at the brewery or Outpost location.

Online Sign ups are available here: 2022 Online SignUP


Coalition Membership Levels

$100 Membership
$100 Coalition Card
5% Discount Pints, growler fills and food .
2019 Coalition Tee Shirt

$250 Membership
$250 Coalition Card
5% Discount on pints, growler fills and food.
2019 Coalition Tee Shirt
BBC 16 oz Glass

$500 Membership
$500 Coalition Card
5% Discount pints, growler fills and food.
2019 Coalition Tee Shirt
BBC 16 oz Glass
BBC Skull Cap



Can a friend/spouse/etc pick up my Coalition membership package?
Absolutely! When you complete your membership application you will have the ability to designate a friend. THIS PERSON MUST BE 21!

Can you ship my membership package to me?
No, at this time, all membership packages will need to be picked up at the brewpub.

What do I get with my Coalition membership?
You get a BBC Coalition card for the amount of the membership level chosen which allows you
to receive discounts on purchases paid for with the coalition card. You also receive your swag.

Can you ship beer to me?
No. We cannot ship beer. Your BBC Coalition card is for use exclusively at the brewpub.

How long is my Coalition membership good for?
Your BBC Coalition card is good from 1/22/2022 to 12/31/ 2022.

Can I purchase more than one membership?
Yes, while we are taking new memberships(Between now and Jan 6th 2022), you can purchase
more than one membership.

How do I use my discount and how long does my discount last?
Your discount applies to food and draft beer purchases made at the brewpub with your
coalition card. Once your balance is depleted you can add funds back to the coalition card in
$100 increments until the card expires. Once the card expires, you no longer have access to
this discount.

Are there any limits on what I am able to use my BBC Coalition Card on?
For right now, it is limited to draft beer & food purchased at the brewpub including growler fills.

Can I return my membership?
Due to the way the club cards get programmed, we can’t accept returns of the BBC Coalition

When can I expect my Coalition membership package?
January 22th, 2022! Once you sign up we will start assembling and packaging up all of your

When can I start using the BBC Coalition membership card?
Upon receiving your membership package, you will be able to start using your gift card.