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The adventure began in 2005, in a similar fashion as it is for many other home brewers. After several trips to the local home brew shop for basic supplies, countless hours of research, and a few rounds of recipe experimentation, they were hooked. The process began with utilizing five gallon home brew kits in the kitchen. Although this introduced them to the basic beer making steps and stages, they wanted to be more involved in the creation process…

While the equipment needed to produce five gallons of beer was readily available, having the goal of brewing on a two tier ½ bbl system involved a little more work from the ground up. After several months and countless trips to a local scrap yard, various purchases from the hardware store, and numerous hours of brainstorming sessions, the brewing system was created. The primary design served its purpose, but building and research also proved to act as valuable teaching lessons in the brewing process. With the new brewery, they could brew 12 gallons at a time. Several great recipes and fantastic brews resulted from the use of the initial homemade system. The original beer making hobby turned into a great desire and passion for creating small batch, hand crafted brews.

Mark and Chris then decided that they wanted to share this appreciation for great beer, by making the goal of bringing it to the local pubs and restaurants of Northeast Pennsylvania their main objective. The Breaker Brewing Company first began brewing and selling commercially in 2009  on a 1.5 BBL brewery system, which was created by going back to the drawing board, and determining what they needed to take the next step in making this new system.

About a year after selling commercially and with the increased demand for Breaker beer they decided the 1.5 BBL system was not big enough. They sold the nano brewing system to a now running brewery in DE called Argilla Brewing Co. A new brewhouse was fabricated producing 3 BBL’s at a time but now the space that the tiny brewery occupies is maxed out and the search for a new home began.